Forage shredder

Forage Shredders

Feed shredders are used in poultry feed factories to break up the feed into small pellets through the rolls to suit young ages

Slicers Features:

  • Various production card splitters are available
  • The length of the feed pellets can be controlled
  • Available in dual or triple rolls
  • The number of rolls, their diameter and length are determined based on the required production capacity
  • Roller protection system in case of emergency
  • The shredder is made with precision and from high quality materials and with the latest international techniques to ensure the efficiency of the shredding process
  • Shredding rollers are made of special and hardened alloys that are threaded in a different way and rotate at different speeds to give a very long service life and high efficiency in shredding.
  • Provided with a feeder that regulates the feeding process for the crumb