Gear Box Mixer

The feed mixer is used to homogeneously combine and mix the various basic raw materials used in the feed industry

Blender Features:

  • We provide feed mixers with different production capacities 1 - 2 - 3 tons / batch
  • Supplied with 4 internal augers for homogeneous mixing
  • It has a German imported gearbox
  • The mixing chamber is large and gives excellent results with fine additions
  • The movement of the paddles is slow to give uniform mixing
  • The discharging system is tightly closed during mixing and prevents any part of the materials from remaining
  • Filling and unloading gates are opened and closed by air gates
  • Large side door for cleaning and maintenance
  • The design of the material descent door on an air compressor with a very high opening angle, which makes the unloading time very short (instant).
  • Three years warranty